Stretch Marks in Focus

Have you been dealing with the unsightly marks that infest your skin? Stretch marks may be making things hard for you for quite some time right now. What are the causes to this disastrous skin condition? They may be stopping you from being in your favorite clothes since you are trying to conceal or hide these ugly marks.

What are They?

Stretch marks are medically known as striae. It is a result of the scarring due to the tearing of the dermis. It may eventually lighten in color and appearance yet you cannot eliminate them totally. The fact that this skin condition is permanent is a sad truth that many women like you may be facing right now.

What are the Causes?

The rapid stretching of the skin may lead to the tearing of the resilient layer called dermis which maintains the shape to your skin. Hormonal changes, weight lifting, pregnancy and sudden weight changes may be factors to this. Now you know what may have caused the stretch marks on your skin.

How Stretch Marks Look?

These lines may appear purplish or reddish at first and eventually lighten after quite some time. The skin affected by striae may feel softer and appear empty. Overstretching of the connective tissue of the dermis is the main reason why you are left with these disastrous marks.

Where They Usually Develop

Stretch marks usually grow on areas with abundant fat stores such as the breasts, buttocks, abdomen, back, upper arms, thighs and hips. It may not be a serious medical condition yet they may affect how your skin looks and how you feel about yourself.


There are hundreds of products that promise you a stretch mark-free skin. However, with the many choices to choose from it is hard to identify which really works best on your skin.

Creams and oils are available in beauty, skin care shops and even in drugstores without a written prescription. Applying them daily may help you spare your smooth skin from the appearance of striae.

You may have encountered cocoa butter. This is one of the famous remedies for stretch marks and which can also work well in preventing the said skin condition. They act by hydrating and moisturizing the skin thereby preventing stretch marks to develop.

Also, the nutrients found in this product may also help in revitalizing and nurturing your skin. An important consideration in striae prevention is your skin health.


Though treating stretch marks is always more difficult than preventing them, there are various options you can take to reduce the unsightly marks. Using best stretch mark cream help by concealing the striae. What is good about cocoa butter is that they work well in both the prevention and treatment of stretch marks.

Surgeries may also be done on you so as to get rid of the lines. However, this mode of treatment may often be more risky and costly. Think of the possibility of getting an infection.

Having stretch marks may be a complicated scenario to be in. It may affect not only how you dress up but also your self-image. Prevent these ugly marks in order to maintain your healthier-looking skin.

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