Stretch Marks: Cures and Alleviations

I’m gonna be blunt: there are only two known ways to get through stretch marks. You can only cure them with expensive therapy, early treatment or temporary treatment. Its not easy having stretch marks and getting it can be a total bummer especially if you have severe cases of it; but don’t fret. Stretch marks aren’t exactly the next black plague so they’re fairly manageable if you know what to do.

The Earlier, The Better.

Treating it as early as possible is a substantially better way than outright treating it. It takes about roughly a year for the stretch mark to settle down in your skin. You see, when a stretch mark forms after pregnancies or rapid weight loss or gain, they appear as purple or deep reddish hues. When it achieves a certain number of months and is left untouched by medication or treatment, it settles in your skin in a more transparent or lighter hue thus making them visible even after they’ve been healed.

Generally,“healed” stretch marks are essentially harder to treat due to the fact that they’re already settled in your skin. Think of it as a more permanent scar that can last many years before it eventually goes away. This is why earlier treatment is important.

Usually, early treatment consists of collagen-treatment and skin repair at its earliest stages. Wrinkle creams or any medication that has a especially formulated retinol formulation can work best to achieve a desirable effect. However, one must remember that this only works at its earliest stages.

Working Treatment

Working stretch mark treatment is expensive, that is why you don’t want to wait for it to settle down. Why expensive, you ask? Because laser treatment is the best solution for all types of stretch mark treatments. Although there are certainly medications such as topical creams of specialized treatment, they don’t work equally well after the year-long grace period.

Now why are fancy-smancy lasers so darn expensive? It is because of repeat visits as well as delicate instruments used to treat it aren’t used to “kill” stretch marks, rather, they are for inciting collagen that thus repairs areas affected by stretch marks.

Just to give you a picture on how this works: the laser goes through the intended areas, now the process has to be efficiently slow yet guaranteed in order to get through stretch marks. This is why anesthetics are used during treatment as the treatment tends to be uncomfortable.

Bad Medication

When it comes to the cosmetic field of treatment, there had been several brands and names that claim to fix up the unfixable. While most of their process are great on paper, it can be of dire consequence to people who just fork over their money and don’t ask to many questions.

One should always be aware of such types of medication. If it’s too cheap to be true, then consult dermatologists or medical professionals in the know. Most of the time they’ll be shaking their heads, but it’s better than suffering because of it.

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