How To Loop Video For Instagram?

Social media, today, is synonymous with visual content and storytelling. And Instagram is its biggest platform. Every story, post, or reel is advertising your brand wants to convey. If you ever film a video that you want to upload to Twitter or your IG Story, you may want to make it longer.

  • Why loop videos on IG?

Also called infinite GIFs, ‘loop videos’ are the most exciting thing on the internet right now. If you don’t know what a loop video is, you may be familiar with the term ‘Boomerang’. But, there are no audio attached to loop videos. Loop videos are a good way to showcase texture, or effect. Loop videos also help meet the minimum duration requirement for very short clips and keep browsers engaged with you for longer. They are cheaper to produce for those who publish in high quantities.

  • Making a video loop for Instagram

You can use Clideo’s video looper. It is accessed via a browser. And it works on Instagram along with all major social networking sites, such as Facebook and YouTube. You can Follow this easy-to-understand guide below to turn your videos into infinite GIFs by:

  • Step by Step Method

Step 1. Uploading your video clip

  • Upload the video file of your choice to Clideo’s Video Looper software. If you want to trim your clip first, use our video cutting tool for free. 
  • After that select the “choose file” button. Pick a video from your PC, Mac, or mobile onboard storage or cloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox. It supports all of the most popular video formats including MP4, MPG, WMV, and MOV.
  • Once selected, hit the “upload” option and it will be uploaded to their server The percent markers will give you an idea of the time required.

Step 2. Loop-the-unloop 

  • After it is uploaded, choose the number of repetitions needed. You can choose from 2x to 6x. Then select a new output format for Instagram. MP4 works best for IG. Now, select ‘Loop’. 
  • The “we are working on it, give us a minute!” text will appear while your loop video is being processed.

Step 3. Get your final looped video

  • Depending on the size of your video file, your video clip will be available to download onto your system. But before going further, playback the looped video and then save it to your computer or tablet. 
  • Click the download option to save it on your device, or otherwise, you can save it in the cloud and share it with your Google Drive accounts or Dropbox. 
  • Kapwing’s Way

Kapwing’s Looper is another easy way to make a Loop Video. 

Upload your file or paste a link to the on the web and then choose the number of times you want it to repeat on a loop. Then go ahead and hit “Create”.

Kapwing’s loop tool also allows us to trim the video for you to cut your required loop-able clip out of the selected longer video. You can also add a text or image or a custom watermark on the video to make it different and own it as yours. The software is online and can be used on any device and that too completely free of cost. However, you will need to pay if you want to remove the small watermark.

  • FAQ’S

Q. Do videos loop automatically on Instagram?

  1. Yes, Videos will loop continuously and up to approximately 90 seconds on Fb. Videos also auto-play themselves and auto-loop on Instagram, making it easy to grab attention

Q. How can you loop a video infinitely?

  1. You can do it by :
  1. Upload a video by Selecting a clip from any of your devices, Google Drive, or even Dropbox account. 
  2. Loop the video file. Once the video has been uploaded, select the required number of repetitions or you can click on the Infinity loop symbol to create an endless GIF character.
  3. Then you can Download the final result.

Q. How Can I loop a video on an iOS device ?

  1. If you want to loop the video file within a Looper app, select it via the plus sign menu option, then select the “Play” option onthe top-left corner of the screen after switching on the “Forever” option.

Q. How do you make a video loop endlessly?

  1. To create an infinite loop or start a video endlessly, just use “true as” as your condition. Because true is always true, the loop will go on forever.

Q. Which is better between the “for” loop or “while” loop?

  1. We use a “for” loop for when you know the loop should be executed n number of times. We use a “while” loop when reading a file in a variable. We can also use a “while” loop when asking a user for input.

 Instagram is used by millions of users worldwide to share their pictures, stories, and more with their followers.  Loop videos are a good way to showcase texture or effect. Loop videos also help meet the minimum duration requirement for very short clips and keep browsers engaged with you for longer. They are cheaper to produce for those who publish in high quantities. If one has a hilarious video that one just can not get enough of and must share with all your friends, turning it into a GIF character, or loop video is the best option to do it, especially on your Instagram account, making it all the more fun.


How To View Private Accounts On Instagram?

IG has become one of the most used social media forums over the recent few years for sharing content . 

Because social media platforms are global, there is an increased risk of unwanted breach of privacy. 

When a new IG account is set up, it’s setting by  default is public.  Which means anyone on IG can access you. If you want to keep private and allow only selected people to have access , you need to manually set your account to private.

While public profiles are open to all to view, private profiles are not. And people are always looking out for some method to see someone’s private profile. But first let’s look at exactly how a public profile is different from a private one.

Public vs Private Instagram profiles?

  • Public Instagram Profile 

Any newly created profile on Instagram is visible to the public and so the content shared on that account is accessible to whoever comes across that profile or searches for it. 

Public profiles can also be accessed in third party searches. If someone searches the public profile on any other search engine, the profile link of their Instagram account appears in the results. That link redirects to their app. Such profiles will also show up in Google image search. 

  • Private Instagram profiles 

The whole control of who can and cannot  see the content shared on the profile, and who can and cannot reach you on direct messages, is with the owner of the account. Only selective people have access. People will send a follow request. When the holder accepts the request, the follower can check out the entire profile. This can be done by manually putting your profile’s visibility to private. Then people will be unable to contact you as easily as they can with a public account.

Viewing private Instagram profiles

  • Google search the username

Easiest way to check someone’s private profile is to search their username on Google. Search the username associated with your target account on Google. Even if the profile is private , there might be some digital footprints left from the time when they hadn’t turned on their privacy settings . Something might also be available on Google images including the profile picture of their account. Apart from that , we can also look to find their unprotected Twitter, Fb or other social media handles. 

  • Sending a follow request

One of the most direct ways of looking into someone’s private Profile is to send a follow request. If they know you, the user will accept the request.

But if it isn’t instantly accepted, there still are other ways.

The user may not be active on their account, and might not check their requests for days. 

You Can also Message them via DM’s to introduce yourself and ask the the user to accept your request.

  • Using an IG viewer tool 

If all of the aforementioned methods somehow fail, one can use a third party tool, like an  online private Instagram account viewer. However these sites are not a 100% safe or authentic and cunningly put the person’s online activity at risk. Sometimes , sites like these require all your major credentials like name and contact information , IG username, and sometimes they might even ask for our credit/debit card details as they don’t provide free services . More importantly , IG’s  API has a very strict and stringent policy of not allowing a third party to get access to their users’ private data and information . Hence, a person should be extra cautious and think it through before giving out personal info on these sites as your database theft is a real danger here and your data might get stolen in the process.

But being cautious , A few sites that can be used for viewing private IG profiles are:

  • PrivateInsta
  • InstaSpy
  • InstaLooker
  • InstaRipper
  • Instagram Private Profile Viewer


You can use this third party tool by following a set of simple steps given below:

Step 1: Navigate to the “tool” page using the button given. 

Step 2: Type in the Username of the target Profile 

Step 3: Look at the details to Confirm the User Profile 

Step 4: Select what you would like to see

Step 5: Enjoy looking at a private profile without following it

If your application of instagram private account viewer is in the windows 10 application, you can install it and use it directly. However, on Android phones, you might have to enable a setting in the device before you can begin the installation process.

Every social media platform helps users share things with their desired audience. While some people like sharing publicly, specifically those who promote their content, some others might feel unsafe. While public profiles are open to all to view, private profiles are not. And people are always looking out for some method to see someone’s private profile. 

And Just like there are a number of websites with the latest versions of software, movies, TV shows, etc. free of cost, there are tools that let you view private Instagram Profiles . However, they possess a threat to your security and risk stealing your personal data. Hence even if it sounds appealing to be able to look at private users without lowering your pride by sending a follow request , or saving yourself the rejection of that request, be very careful of all the information that you enter, including financial ones because sometimes you can get tricked into it very easily.


How To Find Your Messenger Chat History?

If you are a Facebook user then you must be using Messenger as well. Messenger is an app through which you can chat with your loved ones and your Facebook friends. It is really easy to use messenger and it is somewhat really similar to any other messaging app. But still sometimes it is really difficult to find the chat history in the messenger. If you are also facing this issue, then now you can stop worrying as today we will be helping you in finding you your chat history on the messenger. 

How to see your Messenger chat history?

Step 1

The first step which you should do is click on the icon between the Friend requests and Notifications. This icon in the middle will be representing all the available conversations to the date, and even those users who have recently added or have installed Facebook Messenger on their phone.

 many of the readers might already be knowing this step. Now, From here, you have to go scroll down, and stop where it says See all in Messenger.

Step 2

Now, the second step. The screen will change and Facebook’s chat will appear on your screen in full screen. And Here you will see all the users with whom you’ve had a conversation earlier. Now, scroll down to view all the chats since the very beginning.

One important Note:- If you see the name Facebook User in place of the name of the user, then this means that one of two things might have happened. The first case might be that this person has deleted or deactivated his/her account and the social network has changed it by default, or the second case might be that the person may have blocked you, and this means that you can’t get in touch with him/her. That’s all.

Step 3

Now, the third step. Here’s the good stuff. Have you ever seen the gear icon which appears on the upper left-hand side of the screen? Click on it to see several settings. The ones that will interest you are the following:

Message requests: The message requests are basically the messages that you have received from the persons with whom you are not friends on facebook or you can simply say that they are not in your friend list. These are people who have tried to get in contact with you, but aren’t Friends in your circle. This section is one of the least seen or checked aspects of Facebook. You may be perplexed by the people who wanted and tried to contact you, and you didn’t even know about it until now.

Archived conversations: These are the chats that you have archived on purpose or may be by mistake and you might have completely forgotten about it. These chats are generally those chts which you want to send to the back of our memories,and you wanted them to stay there forever.

Unread conversations: Sometimes we are in a hurry and we leave the messages unread and then completely forget about it and you may have left a chat unread by mistake at some point. Here you can see those unread messages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the messenger app.

Is chatting on messenger safe?

Yes, the chat on messenger is safe . The facebook already uses ample security and also the messages are end to end encrypted which makes your conversation safe.

Are the messenger video calls private?

Yes the messenger video calls are private and nobody other than the receiver and the caller can see them.

Will blocking someone on facebook also delete the messages ?

No, not at all. Even if you have blocked the person on facebook your chat will remain there and blocking does not remove messages from any side.

Can a blocked user see our old conversation?

Yes, the person can see the conversation which you two had before blocking him or her. In simple words, the chat will still be visible to that person even if you block that user.

If I delete Facebook account, will it delete conversations too?

No, your name and account will not be visible on Facebook and no further message could be sent on your account but the previous message of the time before when your account was active will still be visible but instead of your name there will be ‘Facebook user’ written on it.


It is really easy to find your chat history in the messenger and we tried to explain the process in the most easiest and simplest manner. Your chats are safe and private. And now you can easily find your chats and have a look at them anytime you want. We hope that the article addressed all your issues and it was helpful to you.


Can I Share Instagram Story To Facebook and Page Story?

Do you know how to share an Instagram story to Facebook? Yes, you can, Instagram  allows you to share your story on Facebook and FB Page. But in order to do so you will need to link your Instagram with Facebook first. Facebook and Instagram are very important and good for promoting yourself as well as your business. You can share pictures, videos, and stories with other followers, users, friends to gain more traffic for your business. And That is why everyone wants to share their product posts on Instagram and as well as on Facebook.  Most of the people are sharing their stories on Instagram and Facebook together at a time.

In this article, we will teach how to share the Instagram story to Facebook. You will also learn how to share Instagram stories with Facebook in the future automatically.  You can also use the highlight feature to view who views your story on Instagram. Let’s scroll down to learn how to share IG Story, and share this with the story to Facebook in the following ways.

How to Share Your Story on Instagram?

If you are new to Instagram then you will need to know how to share your story on Instagram. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Tap to Open the Instagram App on your Mobile
  • Log in to your Instagram Account
  • Tap on the Your Story with your picture at the top your IG home screen
  • Now tap on the Camera icon or select the Gallery option to choose the photos, & video
  • Now you can choose different styles, backgrounds, & filters which you like  for your story
  • Select the Send option from the left-hand side
  • After that tap on the Share option
  • Open the IG App, Your Story, Send To & Share option.

And with this you are done and now you can also share your story to facebook as well.

How to Share Instagram Story to Facebook Story Automatically?

You can aslo share instagram story to facebook automatically. Now let’s show you how to share your Instagram Story to Facebook Story. But you will need to link an Instagram account with your Facebook account and enable the story control to share with the Facebook option turn on. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Open your Instagram Account
  • And then Log in to your IG Account
  • Select Human or Profile icon from the bottom to open your profile
  • Press the Main menu option from the top
  • From the bottom select Settings option
  • Select the Account Linked option
  • Tap on the Facebook option
  • Then select the Facebook Page in the Share to section &  Toggle on beside the Share Your Story to Facebook option Facebook from the preference section (If you want to share IG Story on FB Profile & Page
  • Go back to the Home Screen
  • Tap on Your Story option from the top left side
  • Create your story from the Camera option or Gallery option once you did.
  • And Then tap on the Send option
  • Now tap on the  Sharing Options under drop-down under Your Story
  • Choose Share to Facebook Every Time or select Share Once
  • Finally, tap on the Share option from the right side

And with this you are done and your story will be shared to your instagram and as well as facebook account.

Some Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the stories of instagram and facebook which might be useful to you:-

  1. How do you share an Instagram story on facebook?

It is really easy to share your instagram story to facebook. You can follow the steps that we have mentioned earlier in this article and with those steps you can easily share your instagram story to facebook.

  1. Can i save someone else’s facebook story?

Yes, you can save someone else’s facebook story. For this you might need to download an app which will allow you to do so. With help of those applications you can easily download or save someone else’s story.

  1. Are facebook stories permanent?

The facebook stories just like the instagram stories disappear after 24 hours of posting. So no, the facebook stories are not permanent.


So, these were some ways by which you can share your Instagram story to your Facebook account as well. The process to do so is really very easy and you can easily do it. It is really very beneficial for those with a business account as they can easily share the stories on both the social media platforms at once this will save their time and as well make the work easy. We hope that the steps we mentioned are really easy for you to follow. And we hope that you find this article useful.