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How To Find Your Messenger Chat History?

If you are a Facebook user then you must be using Messenger as well. Messenger is an app through which you can chat with your loved ones and your Facebook friends. It is really easy to use messenger and it is somewhat really similar to any other messaging app. But still sometimes it is really difficult to find the chat history in the messenger. If you are also facing this issue, then now you can stop worrying as today we will be helping you in finding you your chat history on the messenger. 

How to see your Messenger chat history?

Step 1

The first step which you should do is click on the icon between the Friend requests and Notifications. This icon in the middle will be representing all the available conversations to the date, and even those users who have recently added or have installed Facebook Messenger on their phone.

 many of the readers might already be knowing this step. Now, From here, you have to go scroll down, and stop where it says See all in Messenger.

Step 2

Now, the second step. The screen will change and Facebook’s chat will appear on your screen in full screen. And Here you will see all the users with whom you’ve had a conversation earlier. Now, scroll down to view all the chats since the very beginning.

One important Note:- If you see the name Facebook User in place of the name of the user, then this means that one of two things might have happened. The first case might be that this person has deleted or deactivated his/her account and the social network has changed it by default, or the second case might be that the person may have blocked you, and this means that you can’t get in touch with him/her. That’s all.

Step 3

Now, the third step. Here’s the good stuff. Have you ever seen the gear icon which appears on the upper left-hand side of the screen? Click on it to see several settings. The ones that will interest you are the following:

Message requests: The message requests are basically the messages that you have received from the persons with whom you are not friends on facebook or you can simply say that they are not in your friend list. These are people who have tried to get in contact with you, but aren’t Friends in your circle. This section is one of the least seen or checked aspects of Facebook. You may be perplexed by the people who wanted and tried to contact you, and you didn’t even know about it until now.

Archived conversations: These are the chats that you have archived on purpose or may be by mistake and you might have completely forgotten about it. These chats are generally those chts which you want to send to the back of our memories,and you wanted them to stay there forever.

Unread conversations: Sometimes we are in a hurry and we leave the messages unread and then completely forget about it and you may have left a chat unread by mistake at some point. Here you can see those unread messages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the messenger app.

Is chatting on messenger safe?

Yes, the chat on messenger is safe . The facebook already uses ample security and also the messages are end to end encrypted which makes your conversation safe.

Are the messenger video calls private?

Yes the messenger video calls are private and nobody other than the receiver and the caller can see them.

Will blocking someone on facebook also delete the messages ?

No, not at all. Even if you have blocked the person on facebook your chat will remain there and blocking does not remove messages from any side.

Can a blocked user see our old conversation?

Yes, the person can see the conversation which you two had before blocking him or her. In simple words, the chat will still be visible to that person even if you block that user.

If I delete Facebook account, will it delete conversations too?

No, your name and account will not be visible on Facebook and no further message could be sent on your account but the previous message of the time before when your account was active will still be visible but instead of your name there will be ‘Facebook user’ written on it.


It is really easy to find your chat history in the messenger and we tried to explain the process in the most easiest and simplest manner. Your chats are safe and private. And now you can easily find your chats and have a look at them anytime you want. We hope that the article addressed all your issues and it was helpful to you.

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