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Can I Share Instagram Story To Facebook and Page Story?

Do you know how to share an Instagram story to Facebook? Yes, you can, Instagram  allows you to share your story on Facebook and FB Page. But in order to do so you will need to link your Instagram with Facebook first. Facebook and Instagram are very important and good for promoting yourself as well as your business. You can share pictures, videos, and stories with other followers, users, friends to gain more traffic for your business. And That is why everyone wants to share their product posts on Instagram and as well as on Facebook.  Most of the people are sharing their stories on Instagram and Facebook together at a time.

In this article, we will teach how to share the Instagram story to Facebook. You will also learn how to share Instagram stories with Facebook in the future automatically.  You can also use the highlight feature to view who views your story on Instagram. Let’s scroll down to learn how to share IG Story, and share this with the story to Facebook in the following ways.

How to Share Your Story on Instagram?

If you are new to Instagram then you will need to know how to share your story on Instagram. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Tap to Open the Instagram App on your Mobile
  • Log in to your Instagram Account
  • Tap on the Your Story with your picture at the top your IG home screen
  • Now tap on the Camera icon or select the Gallery option to choose the photos, & video
  • Now you can choose different styles, backgrounds, & filters which you like  for your story
  • Select the Send option from the left-hand side
  • After that tap on the Share option
  • Open the IG App, Your Story, Send To & Share option.

And with this you are done and now you can also share your story to facebook as well.

How to Share Instagram Story to Facebook Story Automatically?

You can aslo share instagram story to facebook automatically. Now let’s show you how to share your Instagram Story to Facebook Story. But you will need to link an Instagram account with your Facebook account and enable the story control to share with the Facebook option turn on. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Open your Instagram Account
  • And then Log in to your IG Account
  • Select Human or Profile icon from the bottom to open your profile
  • Press the Main menu option from the top
  • From the bottom select Settings option
  • Select the Account Linked option
  • Tap on the Facebook option
  • Then select the Facebook Page in the Share to section &  Toggle on beside the Share Your Story to Facebook option Facebook from the preference section (If you want to share IG Story on FB Profile & Page
  • Go back to the Home Screen
  • Tap on Your Story option from the top left side
  • Create your story from the Camera option or Gallery option once you did.
  • And Then tap on the Send option
  • Now tap on the  Sharing Options under drop-down under Your Story
  • Choose Share to Facebook Every Time or select Share Once
  • Finally, tap on the Share option from the right side

And with this you are done and your story will be shared to your instagram and as well as facebook account.

Some Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions related to the stories of instagram and facebook which might be useful to you:-

  1. How do you share an Instagram story on facebook?

It is really easy to share your instagram story to facebook. You can follow the steps that we have mentioned earlier in this article and with those steps you can easily share your instagram story to facebook.

  1. Can i save someone else’s facebook story?

Yes, you can save someone else’s facebook story. For this you might need to download an app which will allow you to do so. With help of those applications you can easily download or save someone else’s story.

  1. Are facebook stories permanent?

The facebook stories just like the instagram stories disappear after 24 hours of posting. So no, the facebook stories are not permanent.


So, these were some ways by which you can share your Instagram story to your Facebook account as well. The process to do so is really very easy and you can easily do it. It is really very beneficial for those with a business account as they can easily share the stories on both the social media platforms at once this will save their time and as well make the work easy. We hope that the steps we mentioned are really easy for you to follow. And we hope that you find this article useful.

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