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How to Download All of Your Photos from Instagram: Step to Step Guide

For those who are looking to download and save their Instagram photos, whether all of them or just a few selected images, this guide has you covered! Here we will show the different ways that your memories open instagram can be securely safeguarded from the platform.

So come with us as we explore how to preserve your special moments on Instagram in no time at all!

SO , take first step for preserving your Special moment . We provide great content and great opportunity for capturing your special moment by knowing “How to download All of Your Photos from Instagram.

How to Download All of Your Photos from Instagram : The Official Method

How to Download All of Your Photos From Instagram .

Instagram provides a convenient way to obtain all your photos and other data. You can request an Instagram Data Download which holds every photo, video or media content you ever posted on the platform.

Thus allowing you to keep your entire Instagram history in one place without having to use any third party software third-party apps for assistance. This method of downloading enables users with the opportunity to save their images and videos at once!

Signing In and Accessing Privacy Settings

In order to begin, you’ll need to sign into your Instagram account using the login page. Input your username and password, and you’re ready! Once logged in, click on the gear icon close to Edit Profile then go ahead with selecting Privacy & Security for downloading all of your pictures from Instagram as well as any other data associated with it.

Requesting a Data Download

Navigate to the privacy settings and there you will spot a possibility for downloading your data. Insert an email address where you can receive the link that offers access to all photos from Instagram account.

Usually, it should take around a few minutes up until one hour but sometimes may even reach two weeks before receiving this download data via link.

When obtaining this connection, then saving any pictures or other info related to Instagram becomes doable.

Receiving and Extracting the Data

After the link for downloading data from your Instagram page has been sent to you, it may take up to 48 hours before it is received. Most of the time, this email request download it will arrive within an hour or two.

Once in possession of the download package containing photos and other information from Instagram, ensure all relevant files are stored together by unzipping into a new folder. This makes sure none of these items gets lost among any digital clutter on your device as well as guaranteeing easy access when needed again at some stage down the track!

Downloading Individual Instagram Photos

If you want to save only certain Instagram photos without going through the process of requesting a full data download from Instagram, there are several ways to do this. You could find and download instagram images use the image source code or check out third-party apps such as DownloadGram and iGram for downloading specific pictures individually.

It’s important to be aware that downloading any content from Instagram is not allowed per their terms of service.

Using Source Code to Download Photos

To download a single Instagram photo, the best method is to inspect its source code. Start by right-clicking and then selecting ‘View Source’ from the menu that appears. Look for ‘content=’ in this page’s source code – which will contain the image URL – copy it into your browser address bar before visiting the link.

Once html file has opened, you can either save or request a download of this picture with one simple click on it with your mouse cursor keyed to the “right” button.

Third-Party Apps and Websites

When it comes to downloading individual Instagram pictures, apps such as DownloadGram and iGram offer an easy solution. All you need to do is copy the photo URL from your browser into their designated box before pressing ‘Download’. Finally click on the ‘Download image’ button in order for the picture to be saved on your device.

Bear in mind that some third-party applications require access to personal information when used. Others may be filled with ads meant for generating money. One should always take care not to grant permission without researching first or obtaining adequate data protection assurances beforehand.

Saving Instagram Photos on Mobile Devices

If you’re interested in downloading Instagram photos directly to your mobile phone, no need to worry! In this guide, we’ll show you various ways of getting the job done on both iPhones and Android devices. This will help bypass needing a computer for saving memories from Instagram onto your device.

Want an easy way of grabbing pictures off IG? Downloading them straight into your handset is the answer – that’s why it’s worthwhile looking at solutions tailored specifically for iPhone or Android users so they can store their favorite instagram images more quickly with minimal effort.

iPhone Solutions

For iPhone owners, there are numerous apps that make downloading Instagram pictures simple. One of these is iGram – to utilize this, select the photo you want to download and then press the three-dot icon at its upper right side. This generates a link which can be copied into your device’s clipboard. From there, paste it in iGram’s URL bar. Once done with those steps, click Download for successful retrieval of your picture! Similarly, other popular apps like InstaSave, InstaDownloader as well as Instasaver allow users to capture desirable photos off Instagram effortlessly too.

Android Solutions

For Android users, apps like iGram or FastSave and Repost offer ways to download Instagram photos. To make use of the first one on an Android device, open up your Instagram app, copy the photo link you want to save then visit iGram using a browser. Paste that same URL in there and it’s all set!

Alternatively, switching on ‘Save original photos’ setting within your phone’s Instagram app ensures future posts are backed up automatically as well.

Bulk Download Options for Instagram Photos

If you need to retrieve multiple Instagram photos all at once, there are third-party programs like 4K Stogram and Save-o-gram which can help. With these applications it’s easy to save your entire collection or pick certain images for download, great for those who only want specific pictures!

Let’s get into the details of bulk downloading tools offered by these solutions.

4K Stogram

4K Stogram allows you to download public Instagram photos and videos quickly and easily. To use the software, install it on your computer, type in an Instagram username, hashtag or location into its search bar then click ‘Subscribe’. After this process begins, there will be a 4kStogram folder where all of all the photos and images are automatically organized for future access.

Although you can get some free usage out of it by following certain feeds with no cost involved. Those that want unlimited downloading capabilities need to pay $10 in order to acquire their license.


Save-o-gram is a great tool for downloading Instagram photos. To use the software, you need to install it and enter the username or link to your desired photo before clicking an arrow button. You then have two file name options: keeping them in their original format or files. This provides users with more control when they’re selecting which Instagram pictures to save.

Instagram Bookmarking and Collections

Want to view a photo at another time without downloading it? Instagram has just the solution. Their bookmark feature lets users save posts so they can easily access them later on, no link or download necessary. Plus, with collections, one can organize their bookmarked photos into different themes for effortless perusing in the future.

Let’s look into how to make use of this helpful tool from Instagram: bookmark and collection options!

Creating and Managing Collections

Instagram posts can be bookmarked and saved with the Bookmark icon. To do this, tap on it then select Save to Collection – you’ll see a list of collections or have the option right click it to create one by tapping Plus sign. It’s also possible to manage existing collections. Including renaming them, removing any post from within them or even deleting them completely.



Instagram offers plenty of ways to save and download photos, whether it’s just a few or your entire collection. Data can be requested from the app itself or third-party apps and websites used for downloading images, while Instagram’s bookmarking feature makes organizing easy without having to actually save photos or download them. It is now possible to preserve all those special memories on Instagram!

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